¿How do I know what I will receive on a weekly basis?

Both on our website and on our instagram account (@ketosyntesis) we publish a weekly menu with the foods and snacks corresponding to that week.

¿Can I pick a menu?

There is a menu for everyone on a weekly basis. The menu is designed to have less than 23 g of carbs per day. If you need us to substitute a meal, please add it to the notes.

¿Which areas do you deliver to?

At the moment we deliver to New York City, Long Island Nassau and some areas of NJ. You can always email us at [email protected] to check if we deliver to your area.

We are in the process of expanding and will soon be sending our meal plans to other states.

I live in NY or NJ but not in the delivery area, what option is there for me?

If you do not live within the daily delivery area, at checkout you can select Fedex delivery and you will receive the entire week in one shipment.

Usually orders for this type of shipment arrive on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of the week.

¿How does the monthly subscription plan work?

There are several benefits to this type of subscription. If you are on the monthly plan you will save money on your weekly meals. In addition, you will never miss a week, even when we are sold out, your place will be secured.

When you subscribe, your credit card will be charged automatically on a weekly basis, on the same day you subscribe.

¿How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel directly from your profile or by sending an email to [email protected].

You must cancel 3 days prior to the loading day to avoid being charged the following week. If you cancel before the month, there will be a $40 charge.

¿What are the deliveries days and times?

We are currently delivering every day the afternoon before your scheduled meal. For example, you will receive your Monday meal on Sunday afternoon.

Our delivery window is between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

¿Can I pick up my meals?

Yes, you must place your order no later than Thursday for Sunday pick up.

¿Do you ship to other states?

Yes, we ship via Fedex to Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland.

You must place your order no later than Thursday for delivery the following week. Usually the shipment arrives between Tuesday or Wednesday of the week.

I live in an Apt building, can delivery bring it over?

We take care of our drivers and unfortunately we do not enter apartment buildings to avoid getting a ticket or delays.

It is very important that you are waiting for your meals when the driver calls you.

They will call you and wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. If you are not available, you will lose your meal.

I know that the delivery is daily but it is convenient for me once a week, is it possible?

Yes, in this case you must order by Thursday for it to be ready in time or you can pick it up at our Montclair NJ location.

If you are in the daily delivery area we will deliver it on Sunday. You must specify that you want the service in the notes of your profile.

¿Is the Bariatric plan only for bariatric patients?

No, they are for patients who have had any type of stomach reduction. They are 2-4 ounce servings high in protein.

I want to lose more than 15 pounds, what plan do you recommend?

I recommend that you start with the Keto Full as your body adapts, stop experiencing anxiety and lose weight.

After your body gets used to the diet you can switch down to Keto Fast to accelerate weight loss.

¿Refund policy?

We do not accept any return policy if there is a problem with a meal, we can send you an extra one the next day of delivery.

To apply, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

¿What do you recommend to maintain myself after reaching my desired weight?

It all depends on what your goal is. If you just want to maintain weight and eat healthy I recommend the Healthy Plan, but if you want to tone up and go to the gym to increase body mass I recommend the Muscle Gainer plan.

"In ketosyntesis we are pleased to solve any doubt or inconvenience you may have regarding our meal plans or service in general. Let us know your concern from the form in the contact section.”

Fatima Albaine

CEO of Ketosyntesis