About Ketosyntesis

Your NY / NJ ketogenic meal delivery service that helps you eat healthy and manage your weight.

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Ketosyntesis is the service of preparation and delivery of keto meals that helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy diet without the hassle of cooking.


Our only goal is to help you reach your health goals and we are doing it through healthy and delicious ketogenic meals delivered directly to you.

At Ketosynthesis, we truly believe in the transformative power of the food we eat.

I particularly started with a ketogenic diet before it became the popular trend it is today and it simply changed my life, even though it was very exhausting to be preparing meals every day.

Even preparing food for a week was really a challenge. That's why I looked for ketogenic companies to reduce my cooking time, but I couldn't find any.

We know what it's like to want to eat healthy and not find the time or energy to cook these kinds of meals every week.

Ketosyntesis was born out of this need. We do the food preparation so you don't have to, and if that's not enough, we deliver it to your door.

Our promise to you

We will create and deliver only the healthiest and most nutritious meals to your door.

We all have different health goals. They could be weight loss, weight gain or just eating better depending on the foods we eat. We will create and deliver only the healthiest and most nutritious meals to your door.

At Ketosynthesis, our purpose is to help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

Choose from meal plans that fit your goals and current condition.

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Healthy eating with more home delivery options

We know it can be difficult trying to prepare tasty ketogenic meals every day. It gets boring to cook and eat the same thing. What we do is add variety and more options to your meal prep week.

Therefore, our ketogenic meal delivery service offers a healthy meal for all family members.

No need to worry about cooking for the kids, or wonder which foods are better for weight loss than weight gain.

We take care of all that for you. Our wide range of menu options gives you more variety. You'll never get bored from week to week. And you save time in the kitchen.

Why are we different?

We operate on three core values, all of which are based on ensuring that our customers can improve their health.

  1. We work hard to ensure that all of our meals and preparation ideas help our customers achieve their health goals.
  2. We are accessible and ready to answer any questions you may have.
  3. We make sure that you are always satisfied with our service for months and years to come.

Let us help you develop a lifelong healthy eating habit.

Join our meal preparation and delivery service. We'll deliver it right to your door and you'll never have to worry about maintaining a healthy diet.